Bouffant scrub cap FREE pattern

Now are really weird times, but I like to find the silver lining. I have several at the moment. One is that I’m home (which means I’m not in the hospital fighting for my life like so many others). Another is that I’ve been able to prioritize sewing again. Theres a huge need in the medical community for home sewn protective gear, the most recent request as been Bouffant Style Scrub Caps. I didn’t realize that there were so many different style scrub caps out there, but there are. This is the style that my local health care workers want…. and I found a FREE PATTERN FOR IT!!! Go ahead and print the pattern pieces from the link and I’ll walk you through how to make it in 10 minutes.

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Grab and Go Robe perfections

Well this post started when I was in the Third Trimester… and not its taken until almost the end of the Fourth Trimester (yes the Bump is now a Baby) for me to finish #momminghard for REAL! The robes I have made have now been thoroughly tested so I’ll add my reviews as we go along. But the overall verdict is THEY ROCK!!! And I don’t regret making 3 (YES 3!!!) because they ALL get loads of use (spit ups, leaking, #momming) means I change often…. very often.

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Baby wearing hoodie- nestledown

I hate the cold, and I am also lazy… ok let me reframe that, since that is not entirely true and I want to practice being kind to myself. I am incredibly busy with a four year old and a newborn so I often try to cut corners. Including bundling up, but then theres that little (big) fact that I hate being cold…. So I decided to make a two-fer hoodie. One hoodie that goes around myself and baby (and since she LOVES being in her carrier and we walk ALL.THE.TIME. I figured it was worth the time and effort to make it). 

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Layer Me Up- side access nursing hack

Boobs… Bubbies… Milk Machines…. Milkies…. Milkers… whatever you wanna call them babies need access to them. Its a beautiful honor to be able to nurse your baby, and it is also a daunting responsibility at times. I hate being cold, so as this weather is starting to cool down I’m getting all my layers ready while still keeping access open for The Baby.


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Baby Capsule – patterns and fabrics ☀️summer☀️

Well its getting closer and close to the time that The Bump should be making an entrance. I have been having such a mental block about sewing for the baby because my first born was a super chunk and didn’t fit into traditional sizes. So if this one follows suit then I expect I’ll have to grade sizes. But I also don’t know how much sewing time I’ll have early on. So I finally decided to break my mental block and sew a capsule for three sizes. I can always add more outfits if I need, and I’m going to try to use grow with me patterns as much as possible.

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Edgy Top- Swim Suit w Shelf Bra and Maternity mods

The Swim Suit…. Dreaded by so many… Honestly it never used to be my favorite either, until I learned to sew! Then I learned how to customize my fit/style and now I love sewing my own swim suits. I feel so much more confident and comfortable in them. Since I’m going to be pregnant into mid summer I had to sew myself at least one maternity swim suit. (I’ll prolly do another after making this one since it was so quick and easy).

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Athena Tank Maternity style

I’m such a sucker for fun back tops/tanks. Like I have to have them ALL!!!! When New Horizons posted a testing call for the Athena Tank I jumped on it. Even more, I was thrilled when I got chosen to be a tester! They only picked three people per size/option. I chose Option 2 (because I am also secretly planning to hack this into a bodice for a maxi shhh!).

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Working Out – Maternity/Nursing style

Truth: I did not move my whole first trimester. I was barely awake. The little energy I did have I spent connecting with my daughter and trying to maintain my daily responsibilties. So I lost any and all muscle tone I had. Then the reality of being pregnant in the second trimester hit and the likely hood that I would probably have to go through birth again has become more and more real. I knew I needed to start getting my body ready, even if I only had a little energy/time to put into it. By this point none of pre pregnancy bras fit, none of my adorable custom me-made leggings, and none of my tops felt comfortable. I focused on making everything transitional from maternity to nursing and (as much as possible) from work outs to day wear… So here we go!

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Daybreak Comfy Cozy Crop Top & Tank Dress – Maternity style

I just cant stop with the crop tops!!!! I just love the look of them, (especially with a growing Bump I’m proud to show off!). Most of my crops so far have been sleeveless since I know I run hot when I’m pregnant (and I’ll be pregnant throughout the summer). But I want to wear them now! So I figured I could make a comfy, cozy crop sweater to help me transition in spring. I figured in the fall I can also wear it over a nursing tank for easy nursing access. I also hacked a simple tank dress to go with this one. I wanted something fitted and simple to add to my maternity capsule.

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Making a Maternity Belly Panel – Thread Fraction’s Spring Dress

I know, I know, I know… its not a maxi, or super practical…. but its CUTE!!!! When I saw that Thread Fraction was releasing this form fitting #204 Spring Dress I knew I had to try to hack it for maternity. These steps are easy to follow and could be applied to any form fitting pattern. I have to say though, this one is super comfy and looks glam even if I’m just throwing on a cotton dress.

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Nursing Tank with a Flounce

Even though by this point you know how obsessed with Maxi dresses I am, I cant deny the need for nursing tank tops. These are great because they transition to under layers in the winter months as well as being a stand alone top in the summer (when I’m not in a maxi of course!). I’m still working on making my perfect basic nursing tank (yes of course I’ll post it once I have it perfected) for now I got a really fun one that can be worn during maternity and afterwards!

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Pencil Skirt & Crop Top – Maternity/Nursing style

I’m on a bit of separates kick at the moment. It makes building a capsule wardrobe really easy if you are thinking about doing that. I know of two different maternity pencil skirts and so I was interested in comparing the fit/construction of them. Since, well, Pinterest is FULL of pencil skirts and crop tops for maternity I was very inspired. I’m not so sure how/if the pencil skirt will transition into nursing (I’m thinking no) but they are easy to whip up so worth it to make in order to look and feel cute while carrying The Bump.

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Pencil Skirt & Knotted Tee-Maternity/Nursing style

Ok so if you have read or even seen any of my previous Maternity/Nursing blog posts (Boundless, DayDream, Picnic) then you know how much I love a maxi! But dang it all Pinterest gets me with all those adorable pencil skirts and knotted Tee looks. So of course I had to give it a try… Plus I figured this would be even easier to nurse in once baby makes the arrival given that its two pieces.

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Picnic Dress – Maternity/Nursing style

Here we go again! I can not get enough maternity/maxi dresses. I love a maternity/nursing maxi dress especially in the summer because I don’t have to worry about shaving!!! When I’m super pregnant I cant do it comfortably (or safely for that matter!) and after baby arrives, well, who has time for shaving?! Plus these are great for C-sections since its loose around the tummy area…. Have I convinced you yet??

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DayDream – Maternity/Nursing style

If you’ve read my blog then you know…. maxi dresses in the summer is my soul.  I am currently going through a Maternity/nursing hack series (BoundlessPicnic Dress, and Pencil Skirt & Knotted Tee) for some of my favorite maxi dresses that I think would be the most compatible. The hacks have a lot of similarities since I know the general style/fit I want, but the bodices are different which gives each dress a very different vibe.

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Boundless- Maternity/Nursing style

If you have read through my blog then you know how much I love a Maxi in the summer. Its cool, easy, and momming friendly (you can be as mobile as needed without worry of showing any of your lady bits). One of these posts I’ll share our journey into this pregnancy but for now ill just jump right into my wardrobe… I am planning A LOT of maternity/nursing hacks for several maxi dress patterns… so if you haven’t already – sign up to follow the blog at the bottom of the page so you don’t miss any!

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Never Too Much Pocket

I know that I am always in need of pockets. Somehow my purse (yes I get to use a purse again, no more diaper bag for me!) gets so full, no matter how often I clean it out. Toys, wipes, granola bars (some eaten, some not) all end up in there. So when I need to put my phone or keys somewhere a pocket is SUCH a more convenient place… and when I’m at the playground and I’m still toting around all the water bottles/snacks its much easier to just stuff it in my pocket and I’m off playing chase. Continue reading “Never Too Much Pocket”

For the Love of V-Necks

I mostly sew for me and my daughter (mostly because she’s so small I like using up all my scraps on her stuff). Occasionally I try sewing for hubby. But truth be told, he is SO picky its often more defeating then rewarding. And when I’m really being honest, I’ll also admit that he’s also taught me the most. Not because he knows anything about sewing but by pointing out what I need to learn, or how he likes things. The delivery of this feedback is always a work in progress though haha

His most favorite thing is a V-Neck shirt. Unfortunately there have only been two shirt patterns that I have found that he likes, neither of these are a V-Neck though. So, rather then trying 100 million more patterns I decided to alter the neck line of one of them. The pattern I chose to work with is the Mens Henley by P4P. Continue reading “For the Love of V-Necks”

Get it Right, Get it Tight

Although most of my clothes are flowy, slouchy, and comfy…. occasionally I am drawn to something form fitting (yet still comfy- fabric choice plays a big role in that!). I fell in love with the Wiggle Dress by P4P immediately at the release. Its taken me a long time to finally make it. Because its so form fitting I knew it was likely to need adjustments to fit me properly… But its so cute!

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Elastic Band in a Snap

Let me start of by saying I try to avoid elastic whenever possible. If I can do a knit cuff, or yoga waistband then I will! But sometimes a band needs elastic (bra bands or some waistbands). After trying many different techniques and methods for making an elastic band (encasing it, making a casing, binding, etc) I have found a method that I hate the least and …. IT DOESN’T ROLL!!!! Continue reading “Elastic Band in a Snap”