Elastic Band in a Snap

Let me start of by saying I try to avoid elastic whenever possible. If I can do a knit cuff, or yoga waistband then I will! But sometimes a band needs elastic (bra bands or some waistbands). After trying many different techniques and methods for making an elastic band (encasing it, making a casing, binding, etc) I have found a method that I hate the least and …. IT DOESN’T ROLL!!!!

In the pictures below I show a knit elastic. This is not usually my favorite but I wanted black and this is what I had on hand. I would like to take a moment and recommend ordering this woven, non roll elastic in bulk from Amazon.

It all starts with the cutting and adjusting the pattern (if needed). I like to use two band pieces so if your pattern gives your measurements for one then just use half the length and make two. Don’t forget to add a little for seam allowance too! The reason I like to use two band pieces is so that when the band is finished and attached to your bra or pants the side seams line up rather then having one seam in the back (which I think looks odd). I usually cut my elastic the same length as my fabric pieces, but if the pattern gives you a different measurement for the elastic then just repeat this process.

Next, place your bands right sides together. Fold in half, mark the half way point of one side.

Then place the elastic in the cli[ so that it will lay flat in the band. Serge the ends making a continuous band.

Now using a stretch stitch (I like using a zigzag), stitch the elastic to the band. *Note* if your elastic pieces are shorter then the band then you will need to stretch the band evenly as you stitch the elastic to the band. This keeps the band from rolling when wearing.

Fold your band in half, wrong sides together and attached to your garment. Be sure that the side that has the stitching will face inside once attached.

Now your elastic band is in place, enjoy!!

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