Working Out – Maternity/Nursing style

Truth: I did not move my whole first trimester. I was barely awake. The little energy I did have I spent connecting with my daughter and trying to maintain my daily responsibilties. So I lost any and all muscle tone I had. Then the reality of being pregnant in the second trimester hit and the likely hood that I would probably have to go through birth again has become more and more real. I knew I needed to start getting my body ready, even if I only had a little energy/time to put into it. By this point none of pre pregnancy bras fit, none of my adorable custom me-made leggings, and none of my tops felt comfortable. I focused on making everything transitional from maternity to nursing and (as much as possible) from work outs to day wear… So here we go!

Before I get into the outfits let me first share what I’ve been doing, because I hope it helps someone. Before doing any exercise consult with your doctor, everyone’s body and pregnancy is different. This is just what has worked for me and I hope it can help someone else too. My workouts are really only about 15-30 minutes long, and I’ve just been doing it at home. Which has been great because my daughter “works out” with me and I can easily stop and tend to her as needed. I created a Pinterest Board that I would like to share with all of you. I have been rotating back and forth between doing arms one day and legs the next. I also bought this weight set for less then $25 from Amazon (and it comes with a cute stand!). So that’s it, free work out plan and a weight set for less then $25 and I’ve been able to stay in better shape through pregnancy only using 15-30 minutes a day!

I’m due in the summer so I really only made some skorts to work out in. (Bonus I used solids so I could wear them out and about too, I love being able to do more capsule/transitional type things for maternity since its really just a couple months). The best fabric for bottoms is always Supplex from Phee. I used to only wear Lululemon before I learned to sew and this Supplex is the closest to their typical leggings fabric. Its not see through at all, moisture wicking, great stretch and recovery, and soft. Really there is no reason to waste your precious time before baby comes trying out other fabrics. I promise I have tried them all for you (most are just sitting in my sewing room and I now use them for practice on a new pattern) this Supplex is the good stuff. Also I can get both a skort and a bra out of just 1 yard so its significantly more affordable for me. Cut your skort first since that needs to biggest pieces of fabric and then your bra from the scraps.

There are two skort patterns I like, I was trying to just feature one but I couldn’t they are both fabulous in there own way. My ideal skort to transition from workout to day wear is a mash between the two. The first is the skirt portion from the Shenanigans Skort by 5004. Its simple, quick and easy to whip up. I like the simplicity (and easiness) of the skirt part. The other is the Pace Skort by Greenstyle. Its got adorable pleats in the back but I didn’t use the skirt part, I just used the shorts part underneath mostly because I love the way this pocket is constructed on the shorts, it looks really finished and professional (without a lot of extra work). The waistband I like best is part of the Under Belly band that is free from the maternity add on pack to the Pegs by P4P. This mash up is truly the best of all my worlds.

The bra I used is the Greenstyle Power Sports Bra. I made mine nursing friendly (which is an option already included in the pattern) so again it could transition with me. I got my nursing clips from Phee. You can find cheaper ones elsewhere, but with this being work out where I wanted quality and the cheaper ones often break (ask me how I know🤦‍♀️). I also made a size bigger then I am measuring now (I’m 21 weeks) assuming my breasts will grow more during pregnancy and once the milk comes in. The biggest thing I can recommend here is fabric. Supplex from Phee is absolutely without a doubt the way to go. If you were able to use your scraps from your skort then -BOOM- matching set. So cute right?!

Lastly tops… I knew I wanted something that I would be able to nurse in and the Solo Tank from Greenstlye was perfect since it doesn’t need any modifications for that! The deep armcye allows it to be easily pulled to the side for nursing access. The Solo Tank does need some modifying for maternity though so I will go over the simple mod I did for that below. But lets talk fabric first: I like a lighter weight fabric for tops (especially since I’m hotter then normal while carrying The Bump). Phee has fabulous Circular knit or Tricot which I highly recommend, they always carry the best colors. I also really like Tactel from Fabric Mart but its not always in stock. When it is, I wait and check back often until they have it on sale, sometimes I can get it for $4/yard which is really unbeatable. Disclaimer they usually don’t have basic colors like black or white its usually pretty different but sometimes you can get lucky and score something epic!

I cut the front body at an angle so theres more room in the middle for The Bump. I added about 3″ towards the fold. The construct the body per the instructions but don’t hem the bottom!

Next I used my beloved Butcher Paper and made a band piece. I did 90% of the length of the my hip measurement (folded because it has to over the front and back). I know usually bands are 80-85% but I didn’t want this tight, I just wanted it to keep the shirt down (sometimes The Bump pulls it up a bit and some belly peeks out which I always feel uncomfortable with). So for me this was 39 which gave me a length of 35. I made it 8″ tall so it would be 4″ once folded and attached.

Then sew your seam together, fold it so wrong sides are facing, mark your quarter points and attach to the bottom of the shirt. I like to match my band seam with a side seam of the garment. I think it blends in much better then putting the band seam in the back.


And your off to stay healthy during pregnancy and beyond! Be sure to sign up with your email at the bottom of the page so you don’t miss any of the upcoming posts! I few more pregnancy/nursing stuff in the que… as well as some goodies to start sewing for your Bump!


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