Daybreak Comfy Cozy Crop Top & Tank Dress – Maternity style

I just cant stop with the crop tops!!!! I just love the look of them, (especially with a growing Bump I’m proud to show off!). Most of my crops so far have been sleeveless since I know I run hot when I’m pregnant (and I’ll be pregnant throughout the summer). But I want to wear them now! So I figured I could make a comfy, cozy crop sweater to help me transition in spring. I figured in the fall I can also wear it over a nursing tank for easy nursing access. I also hacked a simple tank dress to go with this one. I wanted something fitted and simple to add to my maternity capsule.

For the crop sweater I used the George and Ginger Daybreak Rash guard (what- a rash guard as a sweater – crazy I know!). I love this rash guard pattern, I’ve made myself at least 5 for swimming (we live in the water during summer) and I knew I could the look I wanted with a few simple modifications. I used a light weight sweater knit from the facebook group “LDG Show Room”.

For the tank dress I mashed two patterns. The maternity belly hack I did for the Thread Fraction Spring Dress #204 and the P4P Layer Me Up (you can use any tank top pattern you like for the top portion). If you wanted to use some free patterns you can use the free  Bonus Tank by George and Ginger (found in the group files). For the bottom portion you can use the free P4P pencil skirt with the maternity hack I did for that pattern. I just really like the way the way the Spring Dress fits, so far its been my favorite fitted maternity option. I used the Ridiculously Heavy Weight Cotton Lycra from Sincerely Rylee for this dress.

In order to make the Daybreak pattern compatible for using a sweater knit and not swim I sized up three sizes (but I think I overshot it a little, if I was doing it again I would only size up two).  I also loosened the bottom band so it hung versus pulling it in tight. I did this by measuring the bottom of the front piece (times two since you have two of those) and the back piece (make sure you times that by two since it “cut on fold”). Then I extended the band to this length. Easy so far right!??

The last simple modification I did was to loosen the sleeves, I actually wanted a little more bell sleeve loose but I got a comfy loose sleeve look which is probably more practical anyways. Grab your butcher paper! On the sleeve pattern I used the “elbow length” marking to start my alteration. I measured 2″ out on either side and drew a line straight down, and then I extended the sleeve by 2″ (I like my sleeves to hit at the base of my thumb – did I mentino I like cozy?!).  Then just make the pattern according to the directions!!!! (Take your time when attaching the band at the bottom, be sure there aren’t any twists!)

Next the dress… Since I was using a dress pattern to start with I just matched the armcye of the dress pattern with the armcye of the tank and used that the give me a different top. I actually didn’t even trace these on paper I literally just placed one pattern over the other and cut my fabric. Super simple and easy!

Hello Spring! The Bump is blooming!

Be sure to sign up with your email at the bottom of this page, I’ve still got loads more maternity/nursing makes coming up… totally spoiling myself this pregnancy, and you should too! Its hard work building a human and having comfy, stylish clothes makes it fun.

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