DayDream – Maternity/Nursing style

If you’ve read my blog then you know…. maxi dresses in the summer is my soul.  I am currently going through a Maternity/nursing hack series (BoundlessPicnic Dress, and Pencil Skirt & Knotted Tee) for some of my favorite maxi dresses that I think would be the most compatible. The hacks have a lot of similarities since I know the general style/fit I want, but the bodices are different which gives each dress a very different vibe.

Today I am hacking the DayDream Dress by George and Ginger (unfortunately its retired so I cant give a direct link to it, but join her Facebook group, sometimes she re-releases retired patterns for a period of time!). GG is one of the first pattern companies I tried when I was learning to sew. I got a bit spoiled by Kristi’s amazing drafting. Her fit is very customized to the female figure which is always super flattering. (For those of you with little girls, you can get the matching child’s pattern here)

First I’ll talk fabrics. For the bodice I used CL (Cotton Lycra) floral from one of my favorite suppliers Blended Thread Fabrics (even though Hollie is from Canada the exchange rate makes it pretty affordable for custom fabric). I love ITY for the maxi skirt (its cool to the touch, flow without being clingy, and stretchy but doesn’t “grow” as you wear it). My favorite places to buy ITY are the facebook group LDG “Show Room” and Fabric Mart, both are very affordable and since a maxi usually uses a lot of fabric I like to keep these costs low.

Now lets start! I did a few modifications for cutting the fabric. I only had 1.5 yards of the green ITY so I had to adjust the maxi skirt from the patterns given measurements. I wanted a bit more length because The Bump will pull the fabric up so I added 3 inches in length. I also just cut the fabric slightly off center of WOF so I’ll have a little more fabric in front for The Bump.

The outer (floral) bodice I cut according to the directions. The lining I cut 1 inch shorter because I will be turning and top stitching the outer fabric so I didn’t want the liner to show.

Construct the bodice and skirt according to the directions, but stop before you attach the skirt! To attach the skirt, pull the outer fabric up so that you are just attaching it to the liner.

Then serge clear elastic to the outer bodice. I like to give the clear elastic a very slight stretch so that it holds tight and doesn’t accidentally stretch the fabric. This will keep the bottom of the bodice from stretching out when you lift it up to nurse.

Then just turn and top stitch, I like a hem thats about 1 inch.

I haven’t cut the nursing holes in the liner yet since baby hasn’t joined us earth side yet. I will cut slits that go up and down towards the outside of the liner. That way they won’t show through. I drew lines so that hopefully the visual can help!

Hope you have a wonderful time bonding with your baby while looking fabulous in your new outfit. Your baby will soak up your confidence and positive vibes!!! And don’t forgot to sign up for emails from the blog, theres several more maternity/nursing maxi dresses I’ve got hacking!!!!

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