Mr. Jogger

I know my sewing skills are improving when the husband actually makes a request for something! Or he saw a strike fabric that he really liked. Either way I’m up for his challenge of making a men’s jogger pattern that he loves.

Lets start with the base… fabric. I LOVE using French Terry (FT) for joggers. I always look for thicker and stretchier FT. Blended Thread Fabrics is my favorite shop for FT, so when I was assigned this Camo FT strike I was so excited!

My favorite jogger pattern for myself is the Carritas joggers by New Horizons. But unfortunately they don’t make a mens version…. So I used another favorite pattern shop, Papa Bear Joggers by P4P.

I sized down one size for a more fitted look. When I made them in his measured size it seemed like they were too baggy for his liking (have I mentioned how picky he is yet?)

I only had a yard to work with since this was a strike so I ended up making legs about 2 inches shorter then the pattern and extending the cuffs to be 3 inches longer (which made them 1.5 longer once they were folded). I will definitely make them this length again the future. I like less bunching around the ankle.

I modified the pocket to mimic the pocket in the Carita Joggers that I love so much. Its not an exact match, but its easy to do. I placed the pocket liner piece onto of the front pant pattern piece. I drew dots where it met the edge of the pattern.

Then I folded the pattern down an extra inch to account for the band (I like to fold my patterns when I modify that way its easy to adjust until I get it perfect).

Next I measured this folded section. I made a band piece 90% (so multiple your measured length by .9) by 2″.

Fold your band wrong sides together and place on top of your angled pocket side. Stitch this together.

Lay your pant front piece right side down. Place your back pocket piece, right side down on top. Be sure to line it up along the top and side. Stitch this in place.

Now continue to make your joggers according to the pattern!

I like to make my waistbands a little differently. You can check that out here.

I ended up using the piece I had originally cut for his waistband as a ruffle for a matching tunic top for the Little Miss. #daddysgirl

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