Boundless- Maternity/Nursing style

If you have read through my blog then you know how much I love a Maxi in the summer. Its cool, easy, and momming friendly (you can be as mobile as needed without worry of showing any of your lady bits). One of these posts I’ll share our journey into this pregnancy but for now ill just jump right into my wardrobe… I am planning A LOT of maternity/nursing hacks for several maxi dress patterns… so if you haven’t already – sign up to follow the blog at the bottom of the page so you don’t miss any!

The first dress I decided to try is the Boundless by P4P because it looked the easiest to hack (and there is a post on their blog on how they did it). I did my hack a little differently because I wanted a slightly different fit and a little more room in front to make it even more maternity friendly (I get HUGE when pregnant).

Fabric: I LOVE ITY for the skirt portion of a maxi. Its cool to the touch, flowy, awesome drape, isn’t clingy, and doesn’t stretch out as you wear it. I get a lot of my ITY from the facebook group LDG “Show Room” or Fabric Mart, mainly because they are both very affordable, and I’ve had great quality ITY from each. Since a maxi takes so much fabric I really try to keep the cost of that portion lower (I like to use my good stuff for the bodice).  I like using CL (Cotton Lycra) for the bodice because its got good stretch and recovery. The navy floral fabric is Nala from Sincerely Rylee. The heathered grey oatmeal is from Fabric Snob.

So lets start with the cutting the skirt part… more room in front for baby belly!!! This was super simple. I used the WOF (Width Of Fabric) as my guide. I made the whole length of the dress about 3 inches longer then the pattern called for (because the belly will push it up and I also raise the waist… I’ll get to that later though!). I cut the width of the back piece according to the directions, then I used what was left as the front piece – so that ended up being about 10 more inches in front Whoo Hoo! Baby’s got room!

Next cutting the bodice…. I made my usual size but added two sizes to the width (have I mentioned that I get huge when pregnant?). Basically I followed the pattern from the armcye up through the neckline, but added about an 1 inch in the width.

I did the green and pink ones differently at this step. I played around with the length of the bodice. The green one I cut the liner at the empire waist line and the outer at the regular line. The pink one I  cut my lining bodice about 2.5 inches shorter then the empire waist option. I cut my outside fabric at the empire waist line. I did this because I wanted to just turn and top stitch the outside layer so I needed hem allowance.

Then construct your bodice and skirt according to the directions but stop before attaching together. I like adding the pockets to the skirt… because… well momming always needs pockets! Only attach the skirt to the lining of bodice. I find it easiest to pull the outside bodice up and attach the right side of the skirt to the wrong side of the lining, that way the waist seam will face inwards.

I recommend adding clear elastic in the hem of the outside bodice so that it doesn’t get stretched out. I serged mine on first then turned and hemmed. This clear elastic works great and is a great price on amazon (and it comes on a spool which I love!) and… Viola! Your done!

For nursing access just cut holes in the lining of the bodice where you would like access. Baby hasn’t made it earth side yet so I’m leaving my lining uncut for now.

Check out more maxi maternity/nursing hacks with the Daydream Dress, Picnic Dress, and Pencil Skirt & Knotted Tee!!

Even though I am SO grateful for this pregnancy and thrilled to be welcoming another member into our family I still feel… well… fat! I know I’m not, and when I wasn’t pregnant I would look at others who were and think how gorgeous! But a good outfit always helps to make me feel more confident even if I struggle with sharing my body for a while. Hopes this helps another mama too!!!!

5 thoughts on “Boundless- Maternity/Nursing style

  1. This is my “want to do list” for tomorrow… so I’ll let you know how I go… but you make it look so easy. Thank you.


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