Never Too Much Pocket

I know that I am always in need of pockets. Somehow my purse (yes I get to use a purse again, no more diaper bag for me!) gets so full, no matter how often I clean it out. Toys, wipes, granola bars (some eaten, some not) all end up in there. So when I need to put my phone or keys somewhere a pocket is SUCH a more convenient place… and when I’m at the playground and I’m still toting around all the water bottles/snacks its much easier to just stuff it in my pocket and I’m off playing chase.

My favorite hoodie at the moment is the Tami Revolution Hoody by NH.

Its got a long length cut line that makes for the perfect tunic hoodie for me. Since I basically live in leggings, tunic is perfection. It has lots of options, I’ll play around with those in another post (I’ll link it later) but for now I’m just focusing on the little modification I did to the pocket. I made it the full width of the hoodie.

I also used this really epic boarder print by Blended Thread Fabrics. Hollie is the owner and I totally fan girl all over her makes, she’s made a beautiful hoodie with one of her boarder prints so this is an ode to her.

First I started by placing the front bodice piece down and the pattern pocket piece on top.

I took a new piece of paper (I buy butcher paper in bulk from Amazon for all my pattern tracing/adjusting, I highly recommend it). I placed my new paper on top and traced the top line of the pattern pocket piece. Next I drew a dot on the side of the front bodice piece at the same level where the pattern pocket piece curved so that the opening would be at the same height. Then I connected the top of the pocket to the new dot that goes all the way to the side of the bodice, and trace the bodice down to the bottom.

I like to do my kangaroo pockets a little different then most patterns. I cut two pocket pieces. Place the right sides together and sew the edges (leave the bottom and side open). I made a mistake a sewed the side of this pocket (I marked it with red, don’t sew there! It will be easier to sew together when you are attaching to the front bodice).

Turn right sides out. Pin/clip in place. And attach just the top to your front bodice piece.

Continue to construct your hoodie per normal. Your side pieces will get sewn in when you sew the sides of your hoodie. The bottom piece will get sewn in when you attach your band at the bottom.

Ta Da now your done #allthepockets #alwaysneedmorepocket

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