Bouffant scrub cap FREE pattern

Now are really weird times, but I like to find the silver lining. I have several at the moment. One is that I’m home (which means I’m not in the hospital fighting for my life like so many others). Another is that I’ve been able to prioritize sewing again. Theres a huge need in the medical community for home sewn protective gear, the most recent request as been Bouffant Style Scrub Caps. I didn’t realize that there were so many different style scrub caps out there, but there are. This is the style that my local health care workers want…. and I found a FREE PATTERN FOR IT!!! Go ahead and print the pattern pieces from the link and I’ll walk you through how to make it in 10 minutes.

I know my selfies aren’t there normal quality but #weridtimes. So the one I’ve actually added a little (BIG) detail from the one I posted above…. BUTTONS for the elastic from the face masks because the health care workers are working such long hours so often the skin behind their ears is starting to break down so this allows them to put the elastic around the button and save their ears. Also I’m using knit (stretch) fabric where the original pattern was drafted for woven (non stretch). To adjust for the stretch I took 1.5″ out of the band (the black piece) other then that I used as is, and it works great!

So I love this pattern, it only takes three pieces and less then 10 minutes for me to sew one. Also there is a great video (buts its 45 minutes long) which if your not busy with a 4 year old and 7 month old you may have ample times for that in this quarantine, I on the other hand love quick pics and few descriptions. So here goes… Also my 1/4 elastic has gone to sewing masks so I am using this more decorative (but still functions just the same) 1/4 elastic. Use what you have, if your elastic is bigger then just make the long straight part longer.

First step (which is different the patterns directions) is gathering the rounded part. Set your machine to the longest straight stitch then just stitch along the rounded side.

Pull the top string so that it gathers the fabric together.

Then fold the band wrong sides together length wise so that it looks like this (ignore the elastic, I should have moved it but I was going quickly sorry if thats confusing).

Then line up the gathered edge with the folded band. Adjust your gathers accordingly. You can use more clips/pins if you need, I plan on making a lot so I just clip minimally to save time. I’m going for good enough not perfection.

Then stitch these together. So it should look like this… your almost done already!

Now you have a corner like cut out. You will fold this together to create a little room in the back of the cap for hair, etc.

Should look like this, leaving the straight edge a bit longer. I am using 1/4 inch elastic so this about how far off mine hangs, if you are using thicker elastic and added length yours may hang off more. 

I like to add my elastic in this step as well. So on the other side from where the band meets I line up my elastic to the band. Leaving room and the bottom.

Do this on both sides, be sure not to twist your elastic. It should look like this. Now you make the casing for the elastic. (and then your done!) You can also not add the elastic in the above step and make the casing first then thread the elastic through and stitch it down on the sides, but I find this saves a step or two.

So you will need to pull your elastic as you pin your fabric, you want your fabric flat when you pin, being VERY CAREFUL NOT TO CATCH THE ELASTIC IN THE CASING. Sorry for the all caps, I’ve just made this mistake and is SO annoying so I’m trying to save you from it!!

Now stitch it down. pulling the elastic, I usually have a hand before and after my needle pulling/guiding the fabric.

and normally you would be done… but we love our health care works (even their ears) so now we add the buttons.

Use buttons that are at least 3/4″ in size. Place them about 1.5″-2″ from where the band and elastic meet. You want the button by the ear, not the temple so that it doesn’t pull the mask into their chin/away from their nose. You want it to pull just like it would if they were wearing it around their ear. 

And NOW your done!!!! Off to make as many more as I have fabric… ok just kidding I have waaaaay to much fabric…. but glad to see it going to a good cause.

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