Maxi Separates

Ok so you may have seen my last post with the Pencil Skirt & Knotted Tee. As adorable as that look is I couldn’t help but also hack a maxi option for those adorable little crop tops. Lets face it, I am a #MaxiGirl. Its just so practical, how is one suppose to resist??

The crop top is the bodice of the Picnic Dress by George and Ginger. For only a $5 pattern (that’s really well drafted and has great instructions- oh my love affair with GG patterns) it’s hard to go wrong. Make it according to the directions just omit the skirt. I also added my logo on the front using my 🖤Cricut Maker🖤 and Glitter HTV.

I didn’t use any patterns for this skirt……. YAY FOR COMPLETELY FREE! I just used measurements, so sorry about all the numbers but I promise its easy to cut and sew.

I started 1.5 yards of fabric (in case you’ve missed all my other posts I love ITY for a maxi, its cool, light, doesn’t cling to anything -aka my undies- and super flowy). I usually get my ITY from Fabric Mart or LDG “Show Room” (which is a facebook group). I cut the length of skirt at 43 inches ( I’m 5’5″ so you may need this to be longer or shorter depending on how tall you are). I am cutting it a little on the long side because I’m currently pregnant and want it to fit over The Bump, if I wasn’t pregnant I would cut it at 40 or 41 inches.

If I wasn’t pregnant then I would just cut this piece in half to make the front and back, but since I am I like to have a bit more gathering in the front so I cut the back piece at 25 inches wide and use the remainder for the front.

Then I cut pockets with the remaining fabric. Sew the pockets 4 inches from the top of the skirt pieces. Heres a free inseam pocket pattern I found on Pinterest.

For the band I took a piece of elastic, measured it around my waist and then reduced it be two inches. Then I cut this in half so its in two pieces (I like having the side seems line up). I like using 1″ knit elastic. Then I used this length for the fabric band to put around the elastic. I cut the two band pieces 3.5 inches wide by the length of the elastics.

Next I sewed the elastic to the band so that it doesn’t flip & flop when I wear it. Sew it to the wrong side of the fabric, and place it slightly off center (so when you fold your band the elastic still lays flat). I like using the zig zag stitch on my machine for this.

Then sew your two band pieces together – be sure to line up the elastics- so you have one continuous circular band. Mark it into fourths.

Then gather the top of your skirt. Match the quarter points with the band and attach.

Simple, easy, FREE addition to any summer capsule wardrobe. Your welcome!


2 thoughts on “Maxi Separates

  1. Love the logo and would love it on a summer tank or shirt, do you ever cut and sell them in htv, or sell the use of the svg???


    1. Thank you! No I don’t, it took me a while to get this look (and I have to admit I love it too) so I’m keeping it just for my blog. There are other kind of similar images I’m sure you can find online for purchase though


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