Get it Right, Get it Tight

Although most of my clothes are flowy, slouchy, and comfy…. occasionally I am drawn to something form fitting (yet still comfy- fabric choice plays a big role in that!). I fell in love with the Wiggle Dress by P4P immediately at the release. Its taken me a long time to finally make it. Because its so form fitting I knew it was likely to need adjustments to fit me properly… But its so cute!

I have always struggled with finding clothes that are form fitting (and still comfy). Most form fitting items don’t fit my body correctly because I have a HUGE arch in my back. I attribute this to doing gymnastics throughout my childhood. I figure practicing at least 3 hours a day, 5 days a week until I was 18 had to have an effect, right?

The proper term for this arch in my back is a “Sway Back”. I know I need this Sway Back Adjustment because I always have gapping fabric in the small of my back area (basically from my rib cage all the way to the top of my booty).

So the way I do this (is REALLY simple). I make the pattern according the the pattern sizes I measure into and follow the directions. I try it on inside out.

I mark with a washable marker (because I have millions of those #momlife) where the fabric starts to get loose at the top, bottom and middle.

Then I take the dress off, and place it against the pattern pieces. I transfer my dots onto the pattern itself, and connect the dots!!! I try to make it smooth with no sharp turns which will make the sewing easier and the garment fit smoother once its on. DON’T CUT THE PATTERN YET. Repeat connecting the dots on your fabric so your dress has the same adjustments. Now try it on.

If it fits the way you like, then cut your pattern piece. If you need to make further adjustments, mark your dress when its on inside out, and transfer these adjustments to your paper pattern so that you can keep track of the adjustments needed. Once you have your dress fitting the way you like cut your paper pattern pieces! Now when you make this pattern again it will fit perfectly the first time you make it!

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