Pencil Skirt & Knotted Tee-Maternity/Nursing style

Ok so if you have read or even seen any of my previous Maternity/Nursing blog posts (Boundless, DayDream, Picnic) then you know how much I love a maxi! But dang it all Pinterest gets me with all those adorable pencil skirts and knotted Tee looks. So of course I had to give it a try… Plus I figured this would be even easier to nurse in once baby makes the arrival given that its two pieces.

I for this post I started with three patterns (a lot, I know, I’m going to follow this up with an easier pencil skirt but for now this is what I did). I used the P4P free pencil skirt, the P4P layer me up (LMU) maternity add on piece, and the GG Picnic dress (if you didn’t buy based on my previous hack, go ahead and do yourself a favor and just get it now, I mean $5?!?).

The Tee was easy, its not really a knot, its banded with gathers but I love the way it flatters the pregnancy belly. Plus no fiddling with getting the perfect Pinterest knot (because who has time for that?!). I just follow the directions exactly and omitted the skirt. Easy Peasy (as my daughter would say).

The skirt I used the free pencil skit, below the knee length and taped the LMU Maternity add on piece where it seemed the two pieces lined up. It was about 4 inches below the regular cut line.

I also added 6 inches to the back piece so that it would come up higher to meet the front.

The follow the directions of the LMU maternity add on for front skirt. Place right sides together and sew the front and back pieces together. Then I found that the skirt came up rather high, I was going to band it, but decided to place an elastic in it, turn and top stitch  so that it wasn’t too high. This could be because I tend to carry The Bump really high so you may want to try yours on at this point and decided if you want to band or elastic. For the elastic I used a 1″ knit elastic. I did the zigzag stitch and sewed it along the top edge leaving about 1/4 inch seam allowance. Stretch it very slightly or not at all. I didn’t stretch the elastic at all and it stays up fine but again I carry high so The Bump does a lot of that work. Then I turned it in and used my straight stretch stitch to top stitch it down.

Since its not a maxi, I did actually hem the bottom of this… and your done!

Pinterest is happening in real life!

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