Athena Tank Maternity style

I’m such a sucker for fun back tops/tanks. Like I have to have them ALL!!!! When New Horizons posted a testing call for the Athena Tank I jumped on it. Even more, I was thrilled when I got chosen to be a tester! They only picked three people per size/option. I chose Option 2 (because I am also secretly planning to hack this into a bodice for a maxi shhh!).

I am glad to have more work out tanks that will be easy to modify for maternity (and ill talk about how to undo the maternity mod at the end so you can still use it afterwards). Its hot and humid where we live so I’ll likely were my athleasuire wear whether or not I’m actually working out. To check out how I’m staying in shape during pregnancy with 15-30 minutes a day and only $25 check out my previous post here!

I made the back piece according to the instructions. The front piece is the only piece I altered. Now is the time to grab your beloved Butcher Paper. Trace the top portion of the front piece. Where the pattern piece dips in for its deepest waist mark 2.5 inches out. Then mark 8 inches below that. This will be The Bump space.

Move your pattern piece up so that the mark you made that was 8inches below is now at the deepest curve part. Now free hand a gradual bump, blending into the bottom of the pattern piece.

Now make two marks, one 4″ above the original deep waist mark, and the second 4 inches below the 8 inches deep waist mark. This will be your gathering marks. You will gather your fabric to 8 inches in-between these marks.

Now attach your front piece (with the gathering) to your back piece. Add clear elastic to the gathered section, this will help support your gathers since there will be extra Bump stress on that section. If you haven’t read any of my previous posts then let me just say how much I LOVE this clear elastic, it comes on a spool so its super easy to use and store, the quality and price are also unbeatable, seriously its steal. I use this clear elastic a lot in my maternity mods since it really helps to stabilize the stitches.

Ta Da! Your tank with a super fun back is finished! I paired mine with the Power Bra and I think the straps look awesome with this style back tank. (plus the power bra has a nursing option!).

Postpartum you can just cut the side seams a little past your gathered sections, take in your front bodice (basically removing the 2.5 from each side that we put in), shorten by 8 inches and then reattach! Easy peasy tank that you can still get lots of wear out of! Yay!

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