Danica Dress- Sleeveless & Gathered

If you saw my previous post about hacking newly released Thread Fraction Spring Dress for maternity then you know that when my Little Miss saw me taking pictures in my new dress, she wanted one too! I can never resist coordinating mommy & me outfits!

I used the Danica Dress by Goober Peas. I love GPD patterns because they are drafted so well and the instructions are so clear. It makes it really easy to work with. This pattern has several options, a swing dress, fitted dress, necktie and collar. I wanted a collar, sleeveless and gathered skirt (since I was trying to match my striped dress I wanted to keep the stripes all going the same directions, I’ve found that gathering is best for that).

I used the lining piece as my bodice. I cut the shoulder seam a bit so that it sits a little higher up on the shoulder. Trick: I don’t cut it all the way so that I can fold it and still keep my pattern piece all together. It makes it easier to adjust it both ways in the future. I cut out a main front and back, and a lining front and back (for this dress I did both in the solid navy).

Then I followed the directions for cutting the collar. I used a knit fabric and I didn’t use interfacing. I definitely would recommend using interfacing so that the collar doesn’t get wavy. When I make this again I will absolutely add interfacing because this collar did get a little wavy, I’m hoping a good press will help reduce it for this one.

Then I constructed the bodice according to the directions. I used the burrito roll method for the armcye. I like to clean look of burrito roll versus banding. I will say it was difficult to do since there is added bulk from the collar. I had to use my regular sewing machine for part of it because I couldn’t get it through my serger without catching some of the collar.

Once it was done I measured the bottom to find out how wide I needed my skirt piece. This bodice was 11 inches so I doubled that for pretty gathering.

I guessed at how long to make the skirt piece. This is totally preference, if you make it shorter it will be more of a peplum. This dress is a 4t and I made it 15 inches long.

Next I attached my skirt pieces to my main fabrics, lining up right sides together (the skirt is actually upside down so that the waist pieces match). Be sure not to include your lining piece.

Next match side seams from the bottom of the skirt all the way up through the arm to the lining.

And your done!!!

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